Miller Johnson Michigan Diversity Scholarship

2012 Michigan Diversity Scholarship Recipient Has Teamwork In His Focus

As a second year law school student, Kevin Battle is preparing to use his education to enhance and serve as many people as possible. This is no surprise, considering Kevin's perspective on the wide ranging aspects of the practice of law and his upbringing in team sports.

"I decided to pursue a career in law to help educate myself and the surrounding community about the many legal rights offered in the U.S. legal system," said Battle. "Too many people in our communities don't have the opportunity to go to law school and study the legal system, and because I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go, I felt I owed it to myself and everyone around me to pursue the experience and share it with others."

While an undergraduate at Grand Valley State University, and as a law student at Notre Dame, Kevin has gained experience as an intern at GE Aviation, Johnson Technology, and with the Muskegon Fury professional hockey team. His work in each instance involved team settings of one sort or another. He plans to use the lessons learned in those instances, as well as his experience as a Summer Associate at Miller Johnson, to further his path and to help others.

"I am going to serve as an Assistant Rector for Notre Dame's resident life this year," said Battle. "I'm really interested in working with people of different cultures and ideologies to improve my own views. I am also very interested in coaching youth sports. Growing up, sports were a big part of my life and I attribute a lot of my qualities to things I learned from sports. After I graduate from law school, I would like to get involved with coaching football or basketball in the West Michigan area."

For now, Kevin is as intrigued by the opportunities that practicing law presents to him as by the seemingly ever-changing nature of staying on top of the most recent activity.

"The most interesting aspect of law thus far is the amount of unpredictability," said Battle. "Laws are often subject to multiple interpretations or frequently changing ones. It's been interesting to work with attorneys to read through cases and make the strongest arguments for clients."

We wish Kevin continued success as he pursues his law degree.

2011 Scholarship Recipient Attending Michigan State University College of Law

It couldn't be a better match. Our Diversity Scholarship is designed to help individuals explore their professional options through the study of law.

The 2011 scholarship recipient is seeking a degree so she can help people know their options under the law.

"Growing up in a small farming community north of Grand Rapids," says Bernadette Walli, a first-year law student at the Michigan State University, "I knew many families who faced adversity. I was struck that so many people aren't aware of the legal options available to them in most situations."

She wanted to learn more.

The first in her family to obtain a college degree, Bernadette attended Grand Valley State University and excelled in many areas. While there, she also explored her interest in helping others by working with student legal groups and volunteering with the Lawyer Referral Service in Grand Rapids.

After graduating, Bernadette continued her exploration and felt she could use her language skills to volunteer abroad. She spent several months in Lima, Peru, where she worked with an advocacy organization for domestic workers called Casa De Panchita. While there, she also assisted a law professor with legal research about domestic workers.

"Working in Peru was impactful. I could speak Spanish with the workers who came to get help. I helped teach interviewing skills, cooking skills and designed promotional materials," says Bernadette. Most importantly, she was able to see firsthand how becoming an attorney could give her the opportunity to make a critical difference in the lives of the underserved.

"I'm very thankful to Miller Johnson, as this scholarship helps with my educational costs and makes pursuing work in the public sector a viable option," Bernadette notes.

At the moment, Bernadette plans to work in the U.S. when she finishes law school. With her perspective and dedication, we are certain she'll achieve her goal.
2009 Recipient Duffy Begins Career in Holland, MI

Ryan Duffy, of Grandville, MI, graduated from Cooley Law School and has started his practice as an attorney in Holland, MI. Mr. Duffy is the inaugural recipient of the Miller Johnson Michigan Diversity Scholarship in 2009.

Kevin Battle, 2012 Scholarship Recipient
Kevin Battle
2012 Scholarship Recipient

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Miller Johnson Michigan Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is another way Miller Johnson can contribute to our community and fulfill our Diversity Vision by promoting “a climate where diversity of thought, background and culture thrives in our workplace and in our community.”